4. diciembre 2019

2019.11. 28-30 Shenzhen, China Over 80 guests from Asia and Europe participated in the three-day SUTO 2019 Sales Convention. At the convention, we introduced and demonstrated many new products from SUTO and important upgrades and improvements on existing products. We also shared with our guests the novel applications of SUTO products in different countries.

The special guest speaker Prof. Lee Styger brought a keynote speech on «Sales Trends in High-tech Industry», and Phun Lee Ming gave a speech entitled «Energy Efficiency Management on the Demand Side».

The convention created an opportunity for guests to communicate in the field of compressed air measurement and management across countries and regions. At the same time, we received valuable feedback and suggestions from guests on new products and features of SUTO.

We sincerely thank all the guests who participated in this convention. It is your enthusiastic participation that made this conference an unprecedented success and of great significance.