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Our Story

SUTO products play a vital role in applications of leading worldwide companies for the measurement and monitoring of compressed air and gases systems. This is because of your interest to join us on our way to rethink traditional methods for the better, and thus open doors to a new level of time-efficient measurement.

Therefore, dear visitor, it is good to have your attention.

Since its founding in 2005, SUTO (formerly known as CS-iTEC) has never stopped innovating reliable measurement technology. Besides a few merchandise articles, all SUTO products are developed and manufactured in-house – with a strong focus on quality and customer benefits. For us, service implies being close to our customers, finding individual solutions and reacting quickly when needed. We achieve this service definition through our international presence – with main locations in Germany, China, Asia and USA as well as long-term partners in over 50 Countries.

We are able to bring together the German pursuit of precision and quality with the Asian drive for innovation and speed, four attributes that are essentials for any market leader.

Please take your time to browse through our website and learn more about our innovative products.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Fischer

Thomas Fischer

Thomas Fischer (Founder and CEO of SUTO)

SUTO hielt

  • Foundation of the subsidiary in Grand Rapids, USA
  • Market launch of the S461 liquid flowmeter

  • Introduction of a new dew point sensor series S211 / S215 / S220 with optional display and innovative dual sensor technology
  • Introducing the S520 Smart Portable Dew Point Sensor

SUTO hielt

Relocation of SUTO iTEC GmbH in Germany to a new larger building. The area of 1000 m² allows SUTO to expand its operations and continue its steady growth.

  • International Sales Convention in Shenzhen with over 80 participants from all over the world.
  • Introduction of the S531 Smart Leak Detector.

SUTO hielt

Introduction of the new compact flowmeter series S415 / S418. The thermal mass flow meters for compressed air and gases provide measurement of compressed air consumption directly at the pont-of-use.

  • Introduction of the world's first portable measuring case S600, for the determination of compressed air quality by combined particle, oil and dew point measurement.
  • Launch of our new SUTO brand for international presence outside Asia.

SUTO hielt

Introduction of the S430 pitot tube sensor, for accurate flow measurement of dirty and wet air directly at the compressor outlet.

Wprowadzenie czujnika rurki Pitota S430 do dokładnego pomiaru przepływu zanieczyszczonego i wilgotnego powietrza bezpośrednio na wylocie sprężarki.

SUTO hielt

  • Introduction of the new developed and innovative residual oil sensor S120.
  • First participation as an exhibitor at the COMVAC Hannover Fair in Germany.

Introduction of a new innovative dew point sensor based on QCM technology.

SUTO hielt

  • Start of active sales by our new team in Germany.
  • Certification of the company according to ISO 9001.

  • Opening of our own production in Germany.
  • Presentation of the portable dew point meter S505, which combines pressure, dew point and temperature measurement in one sensor.

SUTO hielt

  • Introducing the S450 / S452 series of flowmeters to meet the demand for flowmeters in industrial environments and hazardous areas.
  • Establishment of our first Asian subsidiary for sales and marketing in Malaysia.

Opening of production and calibration laboratory in Shenzhen to optimize run times for the Asian market.

SUTO hielt

Development of a series of measuring devices, from concept to implementation: flow meters, dew point sensors, displays, data loggers and software.

First exhibition at PTC Exhibition in Shanghai and first international sales convention in Shenzhen.

SUTO hielt

The company was founded by Thomas Fischer and a small group of engineers.

We stand for

  • Trusted worldwide and proven measurement technology
  • German precision and quality plus Asian drive for innovation and speed
  • Outstanding customer service with international presence in 55+ countries