For us, service implies being close to our customers and reacting quickly when required … world-wide. This is no easy task, however, thanks to our global presence – with main locations in Germany (Heitersheim) and China (Shenzhen) as well as several subsidiaries in other countries – our clients attest us outstanding performance and short response times.

As a matter of fact, our most important support takes place after sale. SUTO provides calibration service for all its sensors as follows:


  • No sensor downtime
  • Cost reduction
  • Constant reliable measurement
  • Fresh calibration certificate
  • Seamless calibration recording

Do you want to get rid of downtimes, forth and back shipments and additional overhead, due to sensor recalibration? SUTO is offering an efficient customer-orientated Exchange Calibration Service to simplify sensor recalibration.

To calibrate your sensor, you just order an exchange sensor unit, which exactly matches the sensor you are using in the field. Any specific configuration on the in-field sensor can be specified when ordering. That makes sure, that the replacement unit you received matches 1:1 to the sensor you are currently using. As soon as the replacement unit is received, you simply swap the sensors on site. Of course the replacement unit comes with a fresh calibration certificate. This allows a seamless calibration recording of your sensor equipment. The exchanged unit is then returned to SUTO, that’s it.

With this solution, you are reducing your downtime to an absolute minimum, allowing you to constantly monitor your process without having long periods without any measurement data. But not only the downtime is reduced also the installations efforts are kept at a minimum, since there is no need to visit the on site installation twice. One visit is sufficient to place the exchange sensor in the process and take the old sensor back.

This service optimizes the process of a sensor recalibration, reduces the costs and furthermore allows constant and reliable measurements in your process and application.

Please contact our service teams for more information about which products are supported.


  • Accuracy: 0.1 °Ctd
  • Calibration range: -100 … +50 °Ctd
  • Reference: Dew point mirror MBW 373


  • Accuracy: 0.5 % of reading
  • Calibration range: 0 … 4000 sm3/h
  • Pressure: 0 … 0.6 MPa
  • Pipe diameter: DN8 … DN100
  • Medium: Air
  • Reference: Turbine flow sensors


  • Accuracy: ± 2%
  • Gas: Isobutylene
  • Reference: Certified test gas
  • Zero point: Multiple active carbon filter system

(Re-)Calibration Service at SUTO iTEC

SUTO iTEC’s calibration service is a complete process, from cleaning the sensors, through precise testing and operational capability of all components, to restoring the precision of the sensors.

1.  Customer Sends Sensor
2.  Sensor Arrival
3.1.  Calibration Station as Found
3.2.  Calibration Station as Left
4.  After Calibration (Final Test)
5.  Packing and Shipping

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