13. January 2022

Airtec Global is a leading industrial compressed air services and solutions provider with a primary focus on energy efficiency.

At Airtec, the compressed air services are designed from the ground up to provide the clients with efficient, long-lasting solutions for their systems. The best way to ensure efficiency for complex compressed air systems is by monitoring quality and flow, and SUTO’s product line makes monitoring easier, more accurate, and more consistent than ever before.

Though many of Airtecs clients utilize SUTO products at their recommendation, we’d like to highlight one client in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry who uses SUTO to maintain compressed air quality class ISO 8573-1.

For those of you who aren’t aware, pharmaceutical manufacture has some of the most rigorous compressed air quality standards of virtually any industry. Any diversion from these standards can result in hefty fines or worse, product contamination. Our client, Donovan Werke, is a pharmaceutical company located in Central America who needs to operate within the stringent compressed air quality standards described in ISO 8573-1.

How Airtec Use SUTO to Help Donovan Werke Meet Their High Standards
ISO 8573-1 establishes strict rules on compressed air quality to ensure that pharmaceutical products aren’t damaged or contaminated anywhere on the line. For Donovan Werke, that means that they need to be absolutely sure that their compressed air is free of the condensates, moisture, and oil vapor that might cause them to fall outside of regulations. That’s why Airtec recommended SUTO compressed air quality monitoring equipment.

To better monitor Donovan Werke’s compressed air quality, Airtec installed SUTO’s S120 Oil Vapor Sensor and provided them with the S520 Portable Dew Point Monitor. The S120 Oil Vapor Sensor gives operations personnel clear metrics on the oil vapor content in their compressed air system. If there are any upticks, onsite staff are alerted immediately, allowing them to quickly isolate the problem, whether it be an oil leak in the air compressor or a clog in the filtration system. The S520 gives the team at Donovan Werke a much clearer knowledge of the performance of their compressed air treatment system, including desiccant air dryers, refrigerative dryers and filters. By constantly monitoring the treatment system’s performance, they can more easily maintain a low-pressure dew point, ensuring consistent operations.

For day-to-day maintenance, the S520 Portable Dew Point Monitor enables more accurate and frequent quality monitoring for the team at Donovan Werke. Throughout any given day, plant personnel check the dew point throughout their system, using the S520’s detailed metrics and portability to gather useful information from even the least accessible corners of their system. With the S520, they can make sure that their compressed air treatment system (air dryers, filters, and drains) is functioning at its absolute peak. If the S520 reveals heightened moisture levels at any point during the routine check, personnel can now quickly locate and resolve the issue, reducing instances of clogged filters and dryer problems.

Why Airtec Recommend SUTO’s Products
At Airtec, we consider ourselves compressed air efficiency experts. We work with our clients to ensure long-term reliability while helping them meaningfully reduce energy costs. SUTO’s products have proven repeatedly to provide accurate readings wherever they are placed, and their product’s integration into central data loggers and monitors makes monitoring easier and better than ever before. With SUTO’s monitoring, our clients lose less generated air, reduce downtime for repairs, and have an easier time complying with industry standards.

SUTO has helped our clients unlock higher levels of efficiency within their systems, and we are thrilled to include their products in our compressed air services and solutions.