17. September 2019

With our latest release of S4A data analysis software V1.2.1, a single S331 data logger can be connected and monitored via Ethernet.

Using this new communication feature, you are now able to:
– Monitor the live data of a single S331 device on your PCs screen via Ethernet.
– Read logging files and screenshots from a S331 remotely to your PC via Ethernet.

Especially for non-complex moinitoring scenarios, this feature exhibits a big advantage by maximzing the usability of the S331 display and data logger, enabling you to have a simple monitoring solution. For more complex ones, with multiple S331 and sensors in the network, our S4M monitoring software is the right choice.

S4A V.1.2.1 is available for your free download in our website. To upgrade your current version, please download the V1.2.1 from our website and install it to the same location as your previous S4A installation. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact SUTO for support.

S4A Download