16. October 2019

Have you ever heard of S4C-FS? It is an Android app designed to configure and monitor SUTO iTEC flow sensors. The free S4C-FS app enables you to completely get rid of the inconvenience caused by cables, bulky PCs and hard-to-reach places. Using an Android device, you can view readings and configure flow sensors wirelessly. Your daily jobs become much more easy and convenient by using our free S4C-FS app.

S4C-FS protects the flow sensors from unintended access and changes: Ordinary users can only view online readings from sensors; users who are authorized by scanning the QR code of a sensor can commission and configure the sensor easily. The S4C-FS app allows the authorized user to change flow settings, diameter, gas type, output signals and so on.

Currently S4C-FS supports S401/421, S415/418 and S430 flow sensors. The remote connection between the sensors and the app is established using a wireless module that allows users to detect the sensors within a range of 10 meters.

S4C-FS is available for free download on Google Play Store (play.google.com) and SUTO website (www.suto-itec.com).