SUTO iTEC showcased the latest Measurement Solutions in Comvac Asia 2023 in Shanghai

15. November 2023

SUTO iTEC participated in ComVac Shanghai 2023 in October, showcasing its advanced monitoring solutions for compressed air, gases, and liquids. The spotlight of the exhibition was on the S605/S606 Breathing Air Analyzers, as well as the S431 Compressor Flow Meter, alongside various product upgrades.

The S605/S606 Breathing Air Analyzers garnered attention for their precision and reliability in analyzing breathing air quality. Visitors appreciated the advanced features and performance of these analyzers, recognizing their potential impact on industry standards.

The S431 Compressor Flow Meter also stood out, offering precise measurements of compressor flow to enhance operational control and efficiency. SUTO iTEC’s commitment to comprehensive monitoring solutions was further emphasized through various product upgrades showcased during the event.

The expo provided a platform for SUTO iTEC to engage with industry professionals, exchange insights, and gather feedback. The interactions at ComVac Shanghai 2023 opened avenues for potential collaborations and strengthened relationships within the industry.

SUTO iTEC’s participation in ComVac Shanghai 2023 reaffirms its position in the sector, showcasing a dedication to innovation and technological advancements. The neutral and collaborative atmosphere of the expo allowed SUTO iTEC to contribute to the ongoing dialogue in the field of monitoring solutions for compressed air, gases, and liquids.