SUTO iTEC successfully hosted the 2024 Asia Technical Training

22. April 2024

The 2024 Asian Technical Training Event, hosted by SUTO iTEC in Shenzhen from April 10th to April 12th, gathered partners from across Asia to enhance technical knowledge and skills. This event aimed to benefit SUTO’s Sales and Service Partners in the Asia/Pacific region.

During the training sessions, participants explored the latest updates on SUTO’s major product lines, including detailed insights into the functionalities and operations of various products such as S451/S453, S461, S331, S4C-FS/S4C-DP, S431, S4C, and others. Practical applications were emphasized through discussions on key points and real-world case studies.

Additionally, the training program featured hands-on experiences covering topics like system integration strategies, the use of the S4M SaaS platform, Modbus protocol configurations, and troubleshooting techniques for on-site challenges. These sessions aimed to equip partner companies with practical technical knowledge and problem-solving capabilities.

A notable aspect of the event was the factory visit, providing participants with firsthand exposure to the manufacturing, calibration, and testing processes of SUTO’s products. This visit offered valuable insights into product quality and reliability.

Overall, the 2024 Asian Technical Training Event underscored SUTO iTEC’s commitment to talent development and team building. By investing in such training initiatives, SUTO iTEC demonstrated its dedication to enhancing technical expertise and delivering quality service standards.