29. October 2021

SUTO iTEC showcased its product portfolio at the 2021 Shanghai ComVac International Compressor and Equipment Exhibition. We were happy to exchange ideas and introduce our partners and customers to the latest technologies.

Wide OEM sensor portfolio
With our deep product knowledge and experience in the OEM market, we are able to provide a portfolio of compressed air devices and solutions for various OEM applications.

  • S217-OEM Dew Point Sensor (-60 … +50 °C Td) – The S217-OEM dew point sensor provides reliable and long-term stable dew point monitoring in medium range applications down to -60 °C Td.
  • S220-OEM Dew Point Sensor (-100 … +20 °C Td) – The S220-OEM dew point sensor offers a wide measurement range of -100 … +20 °C Td, relying on innovative sensor elements for high-tech applications.
  • S402-OEM Thermal Mass Flow Sensor – The S402-OEM flow sensor offers reliable flow and consumption measurements at driers and consumers. Insertion type sensor fits to all pipe sizes.
  • S415-OEM In-Line Thermal Mass Flow Sensor – The S415-OEM flow sensor measures the air and gas consumption directly at the point of use. Thanks to the compact size it can fit in any application.
  • S431-OEM Compressor Flow Sensor for Wet Air – The S431-OEM is the perfect flow meter for quality conscious compressor makers by measuring the air delivery directly inside the compressor or at the compressor discharge.

Two new Ultrasonic Flow Meters for water and other liquids

  • With the new S461 Clamp-on (non-invasive) ultrasonic flow meter, we offer liquid flow and consumption measurement. In combination with 2 temperature sensors it calculates the performance of heat exchangers. It supports wireless configuration through the mobile phone APP (S4C-US), data logging and easy installation.
  • The new S462 Clamp-on (non-invasive) ultrasonic flow meter offers easy and cost-efficient liquid flow and consumption measurement. With its easy installation, no process downtime, no pressure loss or leak and no contamination of the medium to be measured, the sensor can be used in various liquid measurement applications.

State-of-the-art Compressed Air Purity Monitoring

  • One instrument that integrates particle concentration, dew point, oil vapor measurement and bacteria sampling, it is an ideal tool for the purity measurement of compressed air system according to ISO 8573.
  • S600 is a portable touch screen device with the latest sensor technology, software-guided measurement, and convenient +instrument settings. It has high measurement accuracy and greatly reduces measurement time.
  • S601 is a wall-mounted device in a rugged and durable cabinet for harsh industrial applications (stainless-steel cabinets can be provided upon customer request), suitable for pharmaceutical and medical industries.

New Dew Point Sensor Family is available

Explore the new sensors and hand held meter with unprecedented new features.

+ S220 Dew Point Sensor is a unique, innovative and powerful measurement solution. With two sensor types into a single unit, using the QCM sensor for low dew points and the Polymer sensor for higher, the S220 is able to provide an outstanding accuracy over the full range of -100 … +20 °C Td.

+ S520 Portable Dew Point Meter is the successors of our well known S505 model. It offers our users and customers many advantages, as well as major improvements.