Portable Dew Point Spot Checking Min

Ensuring Process Reliability and Efficiency by Point-of-Use Dew Point Checking

In the manufacturing of metal components


Portable dew point meter for spot checking of dew point, humidity and pressure


Ensuring process quality and improving process reliability


Industrial manufacturing


German manufacturer of metal components


A manufacturer of metal parts with a large production plant in Germany was facing several challenges regarding the quality of their compressed air. The plant uses compressed air in various processes, including pneumatic power and air-operated machinery. As with many industrial facilities, the compressed air system of the company was sometimes suffering from high levels of moisture and impurities in their compressed air system.

High Levels of Moisture

The high levels of moisture in the compressed air were causing unreliable movement of the pneumatic control system in the machines and reducing the efficiency of the production process. Variations in air quality and pressure were also causing inconsistent performance and unexpected downtime.

The plant’s maintenance team was tasked with solving these problems and improving the overall performance of the compressed air system.


The service team decided to purchase an S521 Portable Dew Point Meter from SUTO iTEC after considering various options. The team would be able to discover any problems early on because of the dew point meter’s spot checks. This would deliver precise measurements of the compressed air’s dew point, humidity and pressure in real time directly at the point-of-use.


The S520 met the specific needs of the manufacturing company. With an easy-to-use interface, the unit was up and running immediately. The compact and portable design allowed operators to quickly move the unit around the plant to perform spot checks on various locations and machines.


The quality and efficiency of the manufacturing company’s compressed air system was greatly improved by the implementation of the S520 Portable Dew Point Meter.

Immediate identification and repair of problems in the filter and piping system has significantly reduced high humidity and inconsistent air pressure. The production process became more consistent and reliable, and the plant’s machinery was better protected against breakdowns.


The S520 Portable Dew Point Meter from SUTO iTEC has proven to be an effective solution to the manufacturing plant’s need for spot checks of dew point, humidity and pressure. Its flexibility, precision and mobility make it the perfect instrument for dew point spot checks in a variety of applications.

”Our plant operators can now have greater confidence in the quality of the products they produce.”

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