S520 Portable Dew Point Meter for Compressed Air and Gases (-100… +20 °C Td / -60… +50 °C Td)

Mobile and high reliable on-site dew point measurements in compressed air systems.

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Flexible dew point meter for on-site live data

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Integrated data logger with mass storage

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Measures dew point, temperature and pressure

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Smart device with camera for dew point prediction

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Low dew point, down to -100 °C Td

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Dew point audits according to ISO 8573-1

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USB interface for data transfer or on site print-outs

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Operating pressure of -0.1 ... 1.5 MPa(g)

The S520 Portable Dew Point Meter offers users a single hand-held unit to easily perform on-site measurements in compressed air and gas systems. With its state-of-the-art dew point technology, the S520 provides dew point monitoring at the point-of-use. The first steps toward maintaining high standard compressed air quality and purity conditions.

Unique Triple-Sensor System

With the combination of a QCM and a Polymer sensor in a single unit, the user can measure the dew point in a range from -100 °C Td up to +20 °C Td. without having any drawbacks in terms of accuracy. The integrated pressure sensor allows converting the measured value into any humidity value needed, for example ppm(v) or atmospheric dew point.

Dew Point Value Prediction

The S520 Portable Dew Point Meter includes an innovative dew point end value prediction algorithm, which anticipates the final value based on the measurement curve, allowing users to predict it quickly. This feature saves time for on-site engineers, enabling faster dew point audits, and is part of the device’s smart features.

Optional Smart Features

Dew point end value prediction is one of the smart features. Users can also access a 5-megapixel camera and snapshot function for rapid measurement logging, all controllable via touchscreen input for added convenience.

PDF Report Function according to ISO 8573-1

The S520 allows users to generate ISO 8573-1 standard-compliant PDF reports on-site, with options to input customer and service provider details for comprehensive audits. Reports can be created from any device recordings and swiftly copied to a connected USB drive. The device’s integrated pressure sensor ensures accurate measurements under actual conditions, meeting ISO standards.

SUTO Exchange Service

For the S520, SUTO is offering an exchange calibration service. This eliminates downtimes and enables users to have a seamless record of their dew point measurement. Learn more about our SUTO Exchange Service. Please contact us for further consultation. We are happy to find the best possible solution for your application.

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Two Measurement Range Options
  • The standard sensor unit has a measurement range of -100 … +20 °C Td and comes with an integrated pressure sensor.
  • The economic sensor unit offers the user a range of -60 … +50 °C Td.
  • ISO 8573-1 dew point audits
  • Fast and convenient dew point checks
  • Check drier performance
  • Humidity checks at the point of use
  • Measure absolute humidity in units like ppm or mg/m3


Dew point
Accuracy± 1 °C Td (0 ... 20°C Td)
± 2 °C Td (-70 ... 0 / +20 … +50°C Td)
± 3 °C Td (-100 ... -70°C Td)
Selectable units%rH, °C Td, g/m³, mg/m³, g/m³ atm. ,mg/m³ atm. , ppmv, g/kg, °C Td atm.
Measuring rangeSensor A: -100 ... +20°C Td
Sensor B: -60 ... +50°C Td
Repeatability0.5 °C
SensorSensor A: QCM + Polymer
Sensor B: Polymer
Accuracy0.5 % FS
Measuring range0 ... 1.5 MPa (g)
SensorPiezo resistive sensor
Accuracy± 0.3 °C
Measuring range-30 ... +50 °C
SensorPT 100


Power supplyUSB charger: 5 V, 3 A
Connector: USB-C
Operating time8h
Data interface


Integrated3.5” color LCD touch screen
Data Logger
StorageIntegrated mass storage, up to 30 million recorded data sets (4 channels each)
HousingPC + ABS
Metal partsAluminium
Protection classIP30
Weight2.7 kg complete set in transport case
Operating conditions
MediumAir, N2, O2, Argon, CO2
Note: The CO2 measurements with
the A1371 sensor are limited to
-40 °C Td.
Medium temperature-30 ... +50 °C
Medium humidity0 ... 90 %, no condensation
Operating pressure-0.1 ... 1.6 MPa (g)*
Ambient temperature0 ... +40 °C
Ambient humidity0 ... 80 % rH
Storage temperature-20 ... +50 °C
Transport temperature-30 ... 70 °C
* At least 0.3 MPa(g) is needed for the measuring chamber supplied
with the instrument. For low-pressure measurements below
0.3 MPa (g) choose the optional bypass measuring chamber
A699 3501.


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Info sheets
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S201/ S211/ S212/ S215/ S217/ S220/ S230/ S231/ S305/ S505/ S520 – CE & UKCA DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY

S201/ S211/ S212/ S215/ S217/ S220/ S230/ S231/ S305/ S505/ S520 – CE & UKCA DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY
Successfully Copied

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