S450 Compressed Air Flow Meter for Heavy Duty and Ex Applications (Insertion)

Insertion sensor for reliable measurement of compressed air flow in harsh environments as well as all-weather and Ex applications.

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Robust flow meter for Ex and outdoor applications

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No pressure and temperature compensation

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Low maintenance costs due to stable measurements

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Easy installation under pressure through 1/2” ball valve

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Explosion proof for usage in Ex-area applications

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Parts in contact with medium are made of stainless steel

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Isolated 4... 20 mA & Pulse; Modbus/ RTU; HART; M-Bus

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Insertion type for pipe sizes from DN25 to DN500

The SUTO S450 Heavy-Duty Flow Meter provides dependable flow and consumption measurements of compressed air and gases in harsh and explosive areas. Based on the thermal mass flow principle, the sensor measures volumetric standard flow over a wide measuring range. The result is being pressure and temperature independent, making it reliable and accurate.

For Harsh Environments

The S450 is designed specifically for harsh environments. The metal enclosure (IP67) ensures robust protection, which allows for outdoor, all-weather applications.

All parts which come into contact with the measurement medium are made of 316L stainless steel. This allows for applications in pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as the measurement of corrosive and contaminated gases. Installations in explosive environment can be done through optional ATEX approval.

Measurement of Various Gases

Various gases can be measured with the S450 Flow Meter such as air, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, natural gas, hydrogen, methane, etc. Almost any gas mixture can be measured as long the mixing ratio and its components are known and constant.

Wireless Configuration

The wireless communication interface connects the S450 with the free SUTO S4C-FS Mobile App. This facilitates the remote configuration of the flow meter as well as the retrieval of online values.

Best Suited for Bigger Pipe Sizes

The Insertion Type Compressed Air Flow Meter supports a wide range of pipe sizes from DN25 to DN500. In comparison with the inline type, the insertion type is best suited for big pipe diameters over DN80.

Available Options
  • Fieldbus interface: HART, Modbus, M-BUS
  • Hazardous approval ATEX: II 2 G Ex d IIC T4, IECEx approval, GB Ex approval
  • 2-directional measurement
  • Flow conditioning

Should you have any special requests, such as custom flow ranges or different gas types, please contact us here.

  • Outdoor / all-weather flow and consumption applications
  • Explosive environments



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