11. December 2017

We are proud to present our new Software S4A.
S4A stands for Software for Analysis.
The S4A software is our successor of the S4M-S software, which is used to read out the data from our data loggers. Based on this S4M-S software, we are releasing our S4A software.
We have gathered a lot of experience from our S4M-S and also involved your feedback in the new development, which gives the client a better and easier experience using our software.
From now on S4M-S and CSM-S will be replaced by our new S4A.

S4A supports downloading data from following devices:
Handheld meter: S505, DP 520
Portable data logger: S551, S550
Stationary data logger: S331, S325
Other instruments with display and data logger integrated: S120, S130, S131, S600, S601

You can download the S4A installation package from our website.