25. February 2020

A vacuum electronic equipment manufacturer was looking for a vacuum measuring device. This device is required to measure the vacuum gas flow rate of products to ensure compliance to the industry standard, and also to measure the pressure and flow rate of the vacuum to help achieve energy saving purposes.

This manufacturer had ever used vacuum pressure measuring devices, but not any vacuum flow measuring devices. It learned that S418-V can measure not only the vacuum flow in real time but also the vacuity (that is, the vacuum pressure), and measure them at the same time, which fills the gap of products in the industry. In addition, the key features such as easy-to-install, high accuracy, integrated data logger, and free analysis software caught the manufacturer’s eyes as well. The manufacture decided to choose S418-V.

The manufacturer selected the appropriate type from the four available tube sizes (DN8, DN15, DN20, DN25) of S418-V. The straight section design made the installation quite easy. Through measuring the actual vacuum flow and absolute pressure of the product, engineers found that the vacuum flow used by the system equipment was much larger than expected. They then exported the measurement data out of the integrated data logger, and made analysis using the graphical analysis module provided in the free S4A analysis software. The analysis implied a potential problem linked to leaks. Following this clue, engineers inspected the production line in detail, and located the leaking connectors. After replacing the connectors, the problem was solved.

Satisfied with the functions and performance of S418-V and its perfect system-level solution, the manufacturer started to deploy S418-V across its vacuum system for measurement.

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