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Aug 17, 2022  ·  S520 Upgrade - New PDF Reporting Feature according to the ISO 8573-1 Standard
We are excited to announce a new upgrade for our S520 Portable Dew Point Meter. The firmware update enables users to create powerful PDF Reports on-site according to the ISO 8573-1 standard.  The reports are following the recommendations …
Jun 16, 2022  ·  SUTO iTEC Is Growing and Expanding In North-America
Bringing state-of-the-art compressed air/gas measurement and monitoring solutions directly to our customers. SUTO iTEC is opening a new regional headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI., USA. In addition to its major operation in Germany and China, the Grand …
SUTO-Products improve areas as
  • Energy management
  • Assembly processes
  • Quality control
  • food industries
SUTO products provide solutions for e.g.
  • Flow measurement
  • Dew point measurement
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Energy monitoring
SUTO provides >outstanding services for
  • After-sales support
  • On-site testing
  • Calibration
  • Custom solutions