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Ensuring Optimum Compressor Performance By Using Real-Time Compressed Air Flow Monitoring

A Case Study in the cosmetic manufacturing industry


Real-time air compressor performance monitoring


Ensure optimum compressor performance and reduce energy consumption


Manufacturing of cosmetic products


L’Oréal Indonesia


Rotary screw air compressors are the most commonly used compressor types in the manufacturing industry. They are known for their higher energy efficiency and provide a cleaner air quality compared to piston-type compressors. However, routine maintenance is needed to ensure continuous performance at a high level of efficiency.


L’Oréal Indonesia has been working tirelessly to meet the L’Oréal Group’s global commitment to operate their factory’s energy efficient and to reduce their CO2 emissions.

The compressed air system, and especially the air compressors, have been identified as one of the greatest potentials within their energy efficiency and CO2 reduction program. To get a picture of how much energy the air compressors were consuming and how efficient they were operating, PT. Hebron Perkasa Mandiri began to install SUTO S430 Wet Air Flow Meter to monitor the air delivery of the compressors. To log the flow and consumption data, they used the SUTO S331 Data logger to connect multiple flow meters to a centralized system. Furthermore, the S331’s integrated Ethernet output allowed them to send the real-time data to the centralized monitoring system.

After more than a year of logging the data, the installed S430 compressed air flow meters delivered precise and seamless real-time data about the use of the compressed air and the efficiency of the monitored compressors. This data helped the operators to know exactly when maintenance needed to be carried out on the compressors.

For example, the S430 meters reported a 5% drop of flow at one of the compressors. By recognizing this, the operator was able to immediately investigate on the root cause. It was found that the inlet filter mats were clogged and the compressor was not operating efficiently anymore. After replacing the filter mats, the compressor’s output went up again and the normal operation continued. This saved energy and would not have been recognized without a real-time monitoring system.


The real-time flow monitoring, using the SUTO S430 wet air flow meter and S331 data loggers, helps L’Oréal Indonesia to identify problems and degrading at an early stage by monitoring Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Consumption. With this system in place, L’Oréal Indonesia can act immediately to prevent:

1. Decreased Flow output
Mainly caused by faulty compression elements, drive system and clogged filters

2. Increased Air Temperature at the output
Caused by faulty coolers, overheating compressor elements, lack of lubrication, improper ventilation and others.

3. Decreased Compressed Air Pressure
Often caused by faulty compression elements and clogged filters or non-working separators.

By setting up alarm thresholds for Flow, Temperature and Pressure in their monitoring solution, the operators received immediately notifications about performance degrading in their compressed air system. This enabled L’Oréal Indonesia to act immediately and to prevent energy losses caused by inefficient performance.

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