S430 Pitot Tube Flowmeter for Wet Compressed Air (Insertion-Sensor)

Precise pitot tube flowmeter for reliable and long-term stable measurements of wet compressed air directly at the compressor outlet.

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Wet air measurement directly at the compressor outlet

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Mobile app for remote configuration and online readings

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Compressor efficiency and performance measurements

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No mechanical wear parts ensure accurate results

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Unique pitot tube sensor design prevents clogging

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Measures Flow, Consumption, Temperature and Pressure

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Isolated 4... 20 mA & Pulse; Modbus/ RTU; Modbus/ TCP; M-Bus

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Installation under pressure through 3/4” ball valve

The S430 Pitot Tube Flowmeter provides flow and consumption measurement in wet air or high mass flow and velocity applications. Based on the pitot tube principle, the sensor features long term-stability, wide turn-down ratio and good temperature independence. It can be used in compressed air and non-corrosive gases.

Optimum Compressor Efficiency and Performance

The S430 compressed air flowmeter is designed for the use in wet air, therefore it can be used directly at the compressor outlet. With this kind of installation other flowmeters are likely to fail, as they are not able to withstand the wet and hot air. The S430 is able to withstand these conditions, making it the perfect tool for compressed air audits and compressor efficiency measurements.

Various Output Signals

The S430 Pitot Tube Flowmeter is perfectly suited to be integrated into process controls or high-level monitoring systems. Various output options are offered for a seamless integration:

  • Isolated 4… 20 mA output for actual flow readings
  • Isolated Pulse output for totalizer
  • Modbus/RTU to read all values digitally
  • Modbus/TCP for connections to high level systems
  • M-Bus for metering networks
Flexible and Easy Installation

The S430 Insertion Type Flowmeter can be installed in tube diameters of 1’’ to 10” through center installation and bigger diameters through a non-center installation. Due to the insertion through a 3/4″ ball valve, the S430 can be installed under pressure and is perfectly suited for installations where shutdowns are not acceptable.

Robust Material

The S430 comes with an IP65 casing, which provides robust protection in harsh industrial environments. All parts which come into contact with the measurement medium are made of 316L stainless steel. This ensures longevity and guarantees a reliable measurement.

Remote Configuration and Live-Data

By connecting the S430 with the free S4C-FS mobile app, the operators are enabled to view online-data as well as configure flow meter settings.

It is all these features that make the S430 Pitot Tube Flowmeter a perfect choice for accurate and reliable compressed air flow monitoring in wet and dirty gases that occur, for example, at the discharge of a compressor. Should you have any special requests, such as custom flow ranges or different gas types, please contact us here.

  • Measurement at compressor outlet
  • Compressor-FAD-Measurement
  • Monitoring in wet air or high mass flow / velocity applications
  • High-temperature flow applications up to 230 °C

Suto Compressor Efficiency Test


Accuracy1.5 % o.r. ±0.3 % FS Volumetric Flow: m3/h, m3/min, L/min, l/s, cfm Mass Flow: kg/h, kg/min, kg/s, t/h, lb/h
Selectable unitsActual Velocity: m/s, ft/min
Measuring rangesiehe Tabelle auf voriger Seite
Repeatability0.5 % o.r.
Sampling rate3/sec
Turndown ratio10:1
Response time (t90)2 Sekunden
Selectable unitsm3, ft3, t, lb, l, kg
Reference conditions
Selectable conditions20 °C 1000 mbar (ISO1217)
0 °C 1013 mbar (DIN1343) freely adjustable


Analog output
Signal4 ... 20 mA, isolated
Scaling0 ... max flow
Update rate1/sec
Pulse output
SignalMax 30 V, 200 mA
Scaling1 pulse per consumption unit
ProtocolModbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP
Voltage supply24 VDC 48 VDC (PoE)
Current consumption150 mA 100 mA (PoE)


WirelessS4C-FS App for mobile phones
OthersDisplay with 3 touch buttons (Option)
Integrated2.4” color graphic display with 3 touch buttons (option)
Process connectionStainless steel 1.4404 (SUS 316L)
HousingPC + ABS
SensorStainless steel 1.4404 (SUS 316L)
Metal partsStainless steel 1.4404 (SUS 316L)
Electrical connection2 x M12 (5 pole) 1 x M12 (8-pole x-coded) for TCP
Protection classIP65
ApprovalsCE, RoHS, FCC
Process connectionG 3/4” (ISO 228/1)
Weight1.12 kg
Operating conditions
MediumWet/dry air, other gases
Medium qualitynon corrosive
Medium temperature-40 ... +230 °C
Medium humidityno requirements
Operating pressure0 ... 1.6 MPa -30 ... +70 °C housing 0 ... +50 °C display (Optional)
Ambient temperature-10 ... +40 °C PoE (Optional)
Ambient humidity< 95 % rH
Storage temperature-30 ... 70 °C
Transport temperature-30 ... 70 °C
Pipe sizes>=DN32


TubeVolumetric Flow
Stated measuring ranges under following conditions:
Standard flow in air
Reference pressure: 1000 hPa
Reference Temperature: +20 °C
Flow range is calculated for Air at 6 bar(g), 50 °C and 90 % humidity.


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