S110 Power and Energy Meter for Compressor Efficiency Measurement

Easy-to-install power meter for determining the energy efficiency of compressors.

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Multi-function power meter with 3-phase and 1-phase

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Monitoring of compressor efficiency and performance

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Modbus/ RTU interface for connection to any Master

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Rogowski Coils with wide range, and high accuracy

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Real power consumption in kW and kWh by

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DIN rail installation for power cabinets

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Three models with 100, 1000 A or 3000 A

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Power range up to 2 MW (2000 kW)

The SUTO energy and power meter is designed with a focus on easy installation and reliable measurements. The main application is the measurement of power consumption and cumulative energy consumption of 3-phase electrical consumers, such as compressors, dryers and oxygen/nitrogen generators.

The main difference from conventional power measurements is that all relevant parameters are real measured values and not assumptions. Unlike the conventional method where only one phase is measured, the voltage is assumed to be stable, and the phase shift is entered as a constant, the S110 measures the voltage and current of each phase.

This makes the S110 much more accurate and provides more reliable measurements than single phase current measurements.

In addition, other measured quantities such as current, voltage, cos phi, etc. are also available. Current is measured via 3 Rogowski coil sensors. DIN rail, wall mount and portable versions are available.

The S110 power meter is the ideal choice for easy-to-set-up monitoring of compressor performance and efficiency and a perfect complement to the S430 Flow meter for wet air directly at the compressor outlet.

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Compressor Efficiency Test

  • In this illustration, a power meter is installed directly into the connection box of the compressor.
  • The Rogowski current coils are easy to install, by just clamping them around the power cables. The voltage connection can be drawn directly from the power cabinet of the compressor.
  • The power meter is then connected to a S330 / S331 Display and Data Logger to record the Voltage and Current of each phase, as well as recording the actual power consumption and the total energy consumption.
  • This is not only used to identify inefficient compressors, but also letting the compressed air operator know what the real costs of the compressed air are.


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