S330 / S331 Data Logger and Display with Gateway and IoT Capabilities

Powerful yet cost-effective data logger and display solution, connectable with all SUTO and third-party sensors.

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Central unit and gateway for monitoring systems

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High-resolution 5" color touch screen

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Versatile connections with up to 20 sensor inputs

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IIoT support with connection to S4M software

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Alarm monitoring for all measurement channels

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Data Logger with 100 million values

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2 x SUTO + 16 x Modbus/RTU + 2 x Analog / Pulse Sensor

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Panel or wall mountable

The S330 / S331 Data Logger and Display provides a universal solution for displaying and recording all relevant parameter of a compressed air system. This includes flow, dew point, pressure, temperature, power consumption, compressor status, and so on. The device offers a powerful yet cost-efficient data logger and display solution for optimal and reliable management and monitoring of your compressed air system.

S331 Compact Version: Central Unit for Your System

The Compact Version of the S331 Data Logger is used to gather and collect measurement data of various field devices. It acts as the central unit where all measurement data is safely stored and visualized. The digital communication outputs expand the S331 to not only be a display and data logger, but also a gateway to connect to IIoT services and to modern software solutions.

S331 Flex Version: More Power and Larger Internal Wiring Space

The S331 Flex Version, a size upgrade from the S331 Compact Version, features an improved hardware design for greater stability and reliability. In addition, the larger housing offers more space for internal wiring and more power for connected sensors. It retains all the technical specifications of the S331 Compact Version and acts as a central data hub, efficiently collecting and organizing measurement data from multiple field devices.

S330: Display Solution

The S330 is a simple and easy-to-install display device with a high resolution 5” graphic display. This allows an easy operation where details are much sharper shown compared to many of the smaller low-resolution displays.

Various Connection Options

The S330 / S331 includes digital inputs for SUTO SDI sensors and Modbus/RTU sensors. To connect the Modbus/RTU sensors properly on an RS 485 bus system, it’s recommended to daisy-chain the sensors to one of the inputs. For this purpose, SUTO offers a RS 485 splitter to simplify the connection. Through this method, users can add up to 16 sensors to the master input, making it most versatile and allowing to monitor whole plants with a single data logger (Additional power supplies for field devices might be necessary).

Connect Third-Party Sensors and Field Device Support

By relying on the industry standard protocol Modbus/RTU, the S330 / S331 supports third-party sensors to be easily integrated into the monitoring system. Field devices can be easily set up using the configuration software, allowing to add a third-party sensor within seconds. All connected sensor data can be logged to the internal memory. This can be used for virtual channel calculations. All real-time values are also forwarded to connected software and monitoring solutions.

Collect Your Sensor Data for Further Analysis

Through the free SUTO S4A software, recordings are downloaded to the PC via USB, LAN or wirelessly using the LTE/4G Modem. The basic analysis can be done in S4M. For more sophisticated compressor analysis, the SUTO CAA software (incl. with the S551) offers many advanced features such as: Performance statistics of compressors like efficiency, air delivery, load/unload cycles as well as leakage analysis, report generation and more. Do you need further information or application consultation in regards to connecting our field devices? Please contact us here.

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S331 Compact Version: Your Central Data Hub, Compact and Efficient

S331 Flex Version: Enhanced Sensor Power Supply, Larger Internal Wiring Space

Suto S331 Flex Display And Data Logger

The universal display and data logger can display and record all relevant parameters (Flow, consumption, dew point, pressure, temperature, power consumption, compressor status etc.) in a compressed air system.

Compressed Air Monitoring System Min


Data logger
StorageInternal, up to 100 million values
Sampling rateOptional >=1s, Max 59 mm:59 ss
Input signals
Digital input2 x SDI sensors 16 x RS-485 Modbus RTU Sensors 2 x 0 ... 20 mA / 4 ... 20 mA / 0 ... 10 V
Analog input2 x 0/4 ... 20 mA; 2 x 0 ... 10 V;
2 x pulse
Pulse input100 Hz maximum; 28 V, 10 Ma
Output signals
Analog / Pulse output4 ... 20 mA signal and pulse signal of sensors can be looped through the display by using the connection board
Alarm output2 Relais, 230 VAC, 3 A, NC
Field bus Interface
ProtocolModbus/TCP (Ethernet), Modbus/RTU ( RS 485)
Electrical data
Power supply100 ... 240 VAC, 20 VA (option, A1663) 18 ... 30 VDC, 20 W (option, A1664)
Sensor supply24 V, 10 W
Data interface
ConnectionModbus/TCP (Ethernet), Modbus/RTU ( RS 485), USB


PC SoftwareS4C-Display software
IntegratedSize: 5” high-resolution graphic display
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels touch screen
HousingPC + ABS
Electrical connectionScrew-Terminal connectors
Protection classIP65
HousingPanel, wall mountable
DimensionsSee dimensional drawing
Cable entry diameter4.5 ... 8 mm
CableSupply: AWG 12 ... AWG 24, 0.2 ... 2.5 mm²;
Signals: AWG 16 ... AWG 28, 0.14 ... 1.5 mm²
Weight0.52 kg
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature0 ... +50 °C
Ambient humidity< 90 %
Storage temperature-20 ... +70 °C
Transport temperature-20 ... +60 °C

S330 / S331

S330 / S331
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S330 / S331

Info sheets
S330 / S331
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S320/ S325/ S330/ S331/ S551/ S51 – CE & UKCA DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY

S320/ S325/ S330/ S331/ S551/ S51 – CE & UKCA DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY
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S4C Display Settings: V1.5.86

S4C Display Settings: V1.5.86
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S4A Software: V1.4.6

SoftwareS4A Software for reading and exporting data from SUTO data loggers
S4A Software: V1.4.6
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