S606 Stationary Breathing Air Quality Monitor for 24/7 Quality Measurement

Compact wall-mounted breathing air quality monitor which permanent measures all crucial breathing air parameter

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All-in-one stationary breathing air monitoring solution

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Permanent breathing air monitoring with alarm information

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High-resolution 5" color touch screen

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Plug & Play operation, no configuration needed

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Accurate Data of O₂, CO, CO₂, H₂O, Oil Vapor and Pressure

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Robust metal cabinet for rough industrial applications

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Modbus/RTU (RS-485) and Modbus/TCP (Ethernet)

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Single gas inlet for a convenient setup

The S606 Stationary Breathing Air Quality Monitor offers the ultimate solution for 24/7 measurement of air quality at breathing air filling stations and compressed breathing air systems. With its advanced functionality and cutting-edge technology, this monitor ensures that the air being breathed is of the highest quality and meets stringent safety standards and regulations.

The S606 is specifically designed to monitor and analyze the quality of breathing air in real time, providing continuous readings to ensure optimum safety conditions in breathing air applications. It is an essential tool for companies and organizations that rely on clean and safe breathing air, such as diving centers, fire departments, industrial facilities, and more.

Key Features:

Analysis of all relevant parameters

Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and advanced algorithms, the S606 provides accurate and comprehensive measurements of critical air quality parameters, including oxygen (O₂), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO₂), oil vapor, water vapor, and other impurities. It ensures that the breathing air meets or exceeds the stringent requirements set by industry standards and regulations.

Real-time Monitoring

The S606 continuously monitors the air quality in breathing air filling stations and compressed breathing air systems, providing real-time readings and instant updates. The easy-to-read display allows for quick and effortless monitoring, enabling you to maintain a constant awareness of the air quality conditions.

Plug & Play solution

The S606 offers a convenient plug & play setup that simplifies the installation process. With only one gas inlet required for all parameters, you can easily connect the monitor to your breathing air system without the need for multiple connections or complicated setup.

Data Logging and Reporting

With its built-in data logging functionality, the S606 records measurements over extended periods, allowing for comprehensive analysis and evaluation. The stored data can be retrieved and exported for detailed reporting, compliance documentation, and quality control purposes.

User-friendly Interface

The monitor features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls, making it simple to configure and operate. The clear display provides real-time data visualization, allowing for easy interpretation of the current air quality conditions. The menu system enables easy access to settings and historical data for further analysis.

Alarm and warning system

The S606 includes a configurable alarm system that allows you to set thresholds for each measured parameter. If any parameter exceeds the pre-set limits, the monitor triggers audible and visual alarms to ensure immediate attention and necessary action to maintain air safety.

Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU interfaces

The S606 is equipped with Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU communication interfaces for seamless integration into existing monitoring systems. This enables simple data exchange and integration with other devices, making it a versatile solution.

Robust and reliable design

Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of breathing air filling stations and compressed air systems, the S606 features a rugged and durable construction. It is manufactured using high-quality materials and components to ensure reliable performance and longevity.

With exceptional accuracy, continuous monitoring and advanced features, this Breathing Air Monitor offers valuable insight into air quality conditions. Please contact us here for more information.

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Crucial Industries and Sectors rely on a reliable breathing air supply, e.g. fire fighting, diving, spray painting, chemical industry, offshore and high-tech applications.


Oxygen O2
Accuracy± 1 % of reading ± 0.05 %
Measuring range0 ... 25 %
Resolution0.1 %
SensorOptical oxygen senor
Carbon Dioxide CO2
Accuracy± 1 % of reading ± 25 ppm
Measuring range0 ... 1000 ppm
Resolution1 ppm
SensorNDIR sensor
Carbon Monoxide CO
Accuracy± 5 % of reading ± 1 ppm
Measuring range0 ... 20 ppm
Resolution0.1 ppm
SensorElectrochemical sensor
Humidity H2O
Accuracy± 2 °C Td
Measuring range- 100 ... + 20 °C Td /
0 ... 17458.6 mg/m³
Resolution0,1 mg/m3
SensorQCM + Polymer
Oil Vapor
Accuracy5 % of reading ± 0.003 mg/m³
Measuring range0.001 ... 5.000 mg/m³
(Based on 1000 hPa(a), 20 °C,
0 % relative humidity)
Resolution0,001 mg/m³
SensorPhoto ionization detector
Oil Mist and Particlel
Accuracy15 % of reading ± 0.1 mg/m³
Measuring range0.0 ... 5.0 mg/m³
(Based on 1000 hPa(a), 20 °C,
0 % relative humidity)
Resolution0,1 mg/m³
SensorOil mist and particle sensor
Accuracy0.5 % FS
Measuring range0 ... 16 bar(g)
Resolution0.01 bar
SensorPiezo resistive pressure sensor


ProtokollModbus/RTU (RS485)
Modbus/TCP (Ethernet)
Power supply
Voltage supply18-32 VDC, 20 W
USBUSB Micro with OTG support
M124G/LTE Modem


OthersDevice comes pre-configured
Configuration can be done via
on-screen touch
Integrated5” color touch screen
Data Logger
StorageUp to 3 million recorded data sets
(10 channels each)
ReportIntegrated report generator for PDF export
Process connection6 mm quick connector
HousingSheet steel, powder-coated on the outside (Stainless steel on request)
Electrical connectionM12, PG plug, RJ45
Protection classIP54
Water InletG1 connector
Water OutletG1/8 connector
Dimensions600 x 600 x 250 mm
Weight34 kg
Operating conditions
Measuring MediumCompressed breathing air
Sample Flow Rate6 LPM@4 MPa(g), depends on input pressure
Sample rate1 sample/sec
Medium temperature0 ... +45 °C
Medium humidityMedium humidity < 40 % rH,
no condensation
Inlet Pressure0.4 ... 1.5 MPa(g), External pressure reducer allow up to 35 MPa process pressure
Ambient temperature0 ... +50 °C
Ambient humidity0 ... 90 % rH
Storage temperature-10 ... +50 °C
Transport temperature-10 ... +50 °C


Info sheets
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S605 / S606 Sensor Firmware: V 1.2

S605 / S606 Sensor Firmware: V 1.2

S605 / S606 Firmware: V 1.06

S605 / S606 Firmware: V 1.06

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S605 / S606 Breathing Air Analyzer for Spot Checks and 24/7 Breathing Air Monitoring from SUTO iTEC on Vimeo.

Following All International Standards

The S605 Breathing Air Analyzer follows all relevant standards, such as EN 12021. The product pre-sets the threshold for different international standards. The user only needs to select and confirm the underlying standard.

StandardEN 12021 (Europe)GB/T 31975-2015 (China)CFR (USA)CSA (Canada)
O220-22 %19.5 - 23.5 %19.5 - 23.5%20 – 22 %
CO2500 ppm≤ 1000 mL/m³1,000 ppm500 ml/m3
CO5 ppm≤ 10 mL/m³10 ppm5 ml/m3
H2OPDP: < -11 °C
1) H2O: <35 mg/m3
2) H2O: <25 mg/m3
ADP: ≤ -45.6 °C-----
VOC (Oil Vapor)0.5 mg/m3≤ 5.0 mg/m³
(Oil mist and particle)
5 mg/m31 mg/m3

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