S130 / S132

S130 / S132 Laser Particle Counter for Compressed Air Purity Measurement

New generation laser particle counter optimized for applications in compressed air and gases.

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Easy to connect particle measurement solution

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Optional integrated 5” touch screen

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Pro Version S132: Smallest channel 0.1 < d ≤ 0,5 μm

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Eco Version S130: Smallest channel 0.3 < d ≤ 0,5 μm

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Data Logger for online monitoring and printing

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Pressure diffuser for a pressure range of 3... 15 bar(g)

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Different connection options for software and BMS

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For Compressed Air, Nitrogen N2, Carbon dioxide CO2

The S130 / S132 is a new generation laser particle counter optimized for applications in compressed air or compressed gases. With quality in mind and with the knowledge of customer needs, this instrument is designed for continuous operation 24 hours, 7 days a week. This helps to ensure the compressed air quality while helping to avoid particle contamination of processes and products.

Particle sizes from 0.1 < d ≤ 5.0 μm
  • S130 Eco-Version: 0.3 < d ≤ 5.0 μm
  • S132 Pro-Version: 0.1 < d ≤ 5.0 μm
Integrated Pressure Diffuser

Unlike its competition, the SUTO Laser Particle Counters come with integrated pressure diffusers to reduce the line pressure inside the instrument. This enables users to use the laser particle counters directly from the compressed air system, without installing pressure reducers and therefore being in compliance with the ISO 8573-4 standard.

Integrated Display

The integrated 5” touch screen display offers live readings for all channels, signal output settings as well as an integrated data logger. This allows storage of the measurement data on the device. Measurement values represent the particle counts per ft³, l or m³, or alternatively in μg/m³.

Air Quality Monitoring According ISO 8573-1

The ISO 8573-1 defines the compressed air purity classes for particulates in a compressed air system by providing the limit values for each channel. The S132 Laser Particle Counter measures the channels as defined by the ISO 8573-1:

  • 0.1 < d ≤ 0.5 μm
  • 0.5 < d ≤ 1.0 μm
  • 1.0 < d ≤ 5.0 μm

For these 3 channels, the limit values are defined and divided into classes. But furthermore, as stated in the ISO 8573 standard, the fourth channel must be measured as well, d > 5.0 μm. This channel value must be 0 for the classes 0 to 5, otherwise the classification falls into class 6 or worse, where a mass concentration is defined as limit values.

Connections for Data Analysis

The user-friendly signal outputs (Modbus/RTU (RS485), Alarm relay (NO, 40VDC, 0,2A) and USB) make it easy to connect the S130/S132 to SUTO Displays and Data Logger as well as third-party displays and control units.

SUTO Exchange Service

The exchange calibration service eliminates downtime and enables users to have a seamless record of their dew point measurements.

Please contact us for special requests and further application consultation here.

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  • Permanent particle measurement and monitoring of compressed air and gases in high-tech applications.
  • Fulfilling requirements according to compressed air standard ISO 8573-4.


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S130 / S132

Info sheets
S130 / S132
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Measuring rangeS130: 0.3 < d ≤ 5.0 μm
S132: 0.1 < d ≤ 5.0 μm
Measuring channelsS130:
CH1: 0.3 < d ≤ 0.5 μm
CH2: 0.5 < d ≤ 1.0 μm
CH3: 1.0 < d ≤ 5.0 μm
CH4: 5.0 μm < d (konfigurierbar)
CH1: 0.1 < d ≤ 0.5 μm
CH2: 0.5 < d ≤ 1.0 μm
CH3: 1.0 < d ≤ 5.0 μm
CH4: 5.0 μm < d (konfigurierbar)
Counting Efficiency according ISO 21501-430 ... 70 % of d > 0.1 um,
90 ... 110 % of d >= 0.3 um
Principle of measurementLaser detection
Selectable unitscn/m³, cn/ft³


Analog output
Signal4 ... 20 mA (2-wire)
AlarmSwitch output, normally open, max. 40 VDC, 200 mA
ProtocolModbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP (with Display version)
Voltage supply24 VDC / 10 W (ohne Display)
24 VDC / 20 W (mit Display)
Current consumption420 mA (ohne Display)
840 mA (mit Display)
Data interface
USBUSB Micro with OTG support


OthersDevice comes pre-configured
Configuration can be done via
on-screen touch
Integrated5” color touch screen
Data Logger
Storage30 million measurement values (optional)
Electrical connection3X M12
Protection classIP65
Process connection6 mm quick connect (pressurized version), barb connection (ambient version)
MaterialPC, Al alloy
WeightS130: 1.9 kg
S132: 3.2 kg
DimensionsS130: 271 x 205 x 91 mm
S132: 300 x 240 x 120 mm
Operating conditions
MediumCompressed air and gases free of corrosive, aggressive, caustic and flammable constituents
Flow rate2.83 l/min
Sample rateOne sample per minute
Medium qualityISO 8573-4
Medium temperature0 ... +40 °C
Medium humidity< 90 %, no condensation
Operating pressure0.3 ... 1.5 MPa
Ambient temperature+10 ... +40 °C
Ambient humidity0 ... 90 % rH
Storage temperature-10 ... +50 °C
Storage humidity< 90 % with no condensation
Transport temperature-30 ... +70 °C Without display
-10 ... +60 °C with display

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