S217 OEM

S217 OEM Compact Dew Point Transmitter for Compressed Air

Reliable and long-term stable dew point monitoring in industrial applications.

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Cost-efficient dew point sensor version

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IO-Link interface for fast deployment

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High accuracy of 1 ... 2 °C dew point

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Ideal size for dryer installations

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IP65 casing provides robust protection

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Stable measurements with low calibration frequency

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4 ... 20 mA 2-wire / 3-wire, Modbus/RTU

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Installation directly into dryers through G 1/2” thread

The SUTO S217 OEM Dew Point Transmitter provides reliable and long-term stable dew point measurements in industrial applications. The newly developed sensor features improved signal and stability in demanding industrial applications.

Made for OEM Dew Point Applications

The S217 is designed for OEM dew point applications in desiccant and refrigeration dryers. Through our new sensor technology and optimized production processes, the S217 OEM dew point sensor can be offered at attractive prices.

Compact Design and Flexible Installation

The compact design allows applications in smaller dryers and at the point of use, for the most efficient dew point control. Due to the G1/2” stainless-steel process connection, the S217 OEM Dew Point Transmitter is easy to integrate into the process. The main body is made from high class aluminum alloy with a soft finish. The process connection is a 1.4301 (SUS 304) stainless steel connection, made to last forever.

User-friendly Outputs

Dew point measurements can be read through a number of different output types. The S217 OEM dew point sensor offers a 2-wire 4… 20 mA analog output, a 3-wire 4…20 mA analog or digital Modbus/RTU output.

IO-Link Option

The S217 is the first dew point sensor with IO-Link digital interface for a flexible and standardized integration into existing IO-Link applications.

This all makes the S217 OEM Dew Point Transmitter the most suited sensor for monitoring the dew point in various kinds of OEM applications. Please contact us here for further consultation or special requests.

The S217 OEM dew point sensor provides reliable and long-term stable dew point monitoring in medium range applications down to -60 °C Td.

S217 OEM IO-Link

S217 OEM IO-Link
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Measurement range (model depending)Dew point:
-60 ... +20 °C Td
-20 ... +50 °C Td
Temperature: -30 ... +70 °C
Dew point sensorPolymer
Temperature sensorNTC
Pressure sensorN/A
AccuracyDew point : ±2 °C Td
Temperature: 0.3 °C
Operating Pressure-0.1 ... 5.0 MPa
Operating Temperature (Medium)-30 ... +70 °C
Measured gases (Medium)Non-corrosive gases
Response Time t90 (@ 4 l/min)-40 °C Td -> -20 °C Td = 20 sec
0 °C Td -> -40 °C Td = 120 sec
Ambient Temperature-20 ... +50 °C
Ambient Humidity0 ... 100 %rH
Supply Voltage12 ... 30 VDC
Current consumption (model depending)30 mA @ 24 VDC 3-Wire,
20 mA @ 24 VDC 2-Wire
Output signals (model depending)4 ... 20 mA 3-Wire
4 ... 20 mA 2-Wire
IO-Link (please inquire)
Electrical connectionCable, 1.8 m, open end wire,
M8 connector, 4 poles
Process connectionG 1/2“ thread (ISO 228/1)
Stainless steel 1.4301
(SUS 304)
Casing materialAluminum alloy
EMCIEC 61326-1
Sensor protectionSinter filter
Transport Temperature-30 ... +70 °C
Storage Temperature-20 ... +50 °C
Weight198 g

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