S462 Compact Ultrasonic Flow Sensor for Water and other Liquids (Clamp-On)

Accurate flow measurement of water and other liquids with easy installation, no pressure loss or leakage.

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Easy to use liquid flow measurement solution

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Used as portable solution connected to S551 data logger

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Used as stationary solution connected to S330 / S331

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Fast installation anywhere thanks to compact design

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No contact with the medium thanks to clamp on technology

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Transit Time Correlation Technique

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Installation on many different pipe materials

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Clamp-on installation for pipe sizes of DN20 ... DN40

The SUTO S462 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Sensor for Water and Other Liquids offers our users a highly economical and easy to install liquid measurement solution. The Flow Sensor is available for pipe sizes from DN20 to DN40. The S462 provides accurate liquid flow and consumption measurement without causing process downtime, pressure loss or contamination of the medium to be measured.

Installation in a Few Minutes

The S462 can be installed in just a few minutes using clamp-on technology. The compact design allows the user to install the sensor even where space is limited.

Various Output Options

The S461 Water Flow Sensor connects to any monitoring system through analog output and/or Modbus/RTU interface. The S462 is also compatible with the displays and data loggers S331 and S551 from SUTO.

OLED Display

Equipped with an OLED display and a keyboard, parameter settings are easily done on the spot. Setting changes can be locked to prevent unwanted modifications. The display direction can be reversed to make it readable in any installation direction.

S462 holds statistics of daily, weekly and monthly consumption over a long period of time, that can be retrieved through the local display or the interface.

Please contact us here for more information. We are happy to help.

Clean fluid measurements in:

  • Cooling / Heating / Process Water
  • Purified Water Measurement
  • Fuel, Oils, Petroleum Products
  • Water Treatment
  • Food / Beverage
  • HVAC / Energy System Audits
  • Sanitary flow metering
  • Hydraulic System Test
  • Pharmaceutical Industry


Accuracy1.5 % o.RDG + 0.2 % FS (0.5 ... 5.0 m/s)
Selectable unitsm³/h, l/min, GAL
Measuring rangesee table below
Repeatability0.80 % o.RDG
SensorPiezo ultrasonic transducer
Sampling rate3 samples / sec
Turndown ratio10:1
Response time (t90)<2 sec
Selectable unitsm³, Liter, GAL
Reference conditions
Selectable conditions20 °C 1000 mbar (ISO1217),
0 °C 1013 mbar (DIN1343)
freely adjustable


Analog output
Signal4 ... 20 mA
Scaling0 ... max flow / adjustable
Update rate3/sec
Voltage supply20 ... 28 VDC
Current consumption100 mA @ 24 VDC


Settingsvia integrated keyboard
IntegratedOLED, 128 x 64 pixel (31 x 16 mm)
Data Logger
TotalizerDaily, monthly, yearly consumption
HousingAluminum alloy
Display coverPMMA
Key padF150
Dimensionssee dimension drawing
Electrical connection1 x M12 (5 pole)
Protection classIP65
ApprovalsCE, RoHS, FCC
Weight0.47 ... 0.60 kg (depends on model)
Operating conditions
MediumWater, sea water, others on request
Medium qualityNo solid particles, no air bubbles
Pipe materialCarbon steel, stainless steel, copper, PVC, PP, PU
Medium temperature0 ... 50 °C
Ambient temperature0 ... 50 °C
Ambient humidity< 95 % rH
Storage temperature-30 ... +70 °C
Transport temperature-30 ... +70 °C
Pipe sizesDN20, DN25, DN32, DN40

S401/ S402/ S415/ S418/ S418-V/ S421/ S430/ S450/ S452/ S460 /S461 /S462 – CE & UKCA DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY

S401/ S402/ S415/ S418/ S418-V/ S421/ S430/ S450/ S452/ S460 /S461 /S462 – CE & UKCA DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY
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